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Context switching definition command prompt explain clipboard what is code page meaning cutting and.

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  • What is Statement Conditional Definition program that controls the next step to be executed in the batch file, based on the value of a logical test compare meaning
  • What is Concatenation Explain The placing of files or strings together in a series why meaning
  • What is Cache What is contents of recently referenced disk sectors. It facilitates faster re access of the same sectors and is implemented with the SMARTDRV.SYS how better meaning
  • What is Codes Control Meaning ASCII codes that do not display a character but perform a function, such as ringing a bell or deleting a character when meaning
  • What is Protection Copy Abbreviation Special mechanisms contained in diskettes to inhibit the copying of them by conventional commands determines meaning
  • What is Sys Config How to configuration commands, which are files that your computer needs in order to initialize itself when booting up. The CONFIG.SYS file is read comparing to meaning
  • What is Focus Control Help See input focus depends on meaning
  • What is Line Command Crossword The line on which a command is entered. This line contains the command and all of its associated parameters and switches which meaning
  • What is Com Command Examples The command processor that interprets your internal and external command requests difference meaning
  • What is Z Ctrl Encyclopedia The end-of-file marker. Appears on screen as ^Z when meaning
  • What is Chaining Information about one batch file to another. This represents an unconditional transfer of control. If you want to return control to a batch file you must use pros and cons meaning
  • What is Print Compressed Tutorial characters on a line of output. Compressed print is usually 132 characters, but on newer printers it can be up to 255 characters per line similarities meaning
  • What is Cursor Error that indicates where the next keystroke will be displayed or what the next control code entered will affect. See also selection cursor how much meaning
  • What is Processor Command Answer The program that translates and acts on commands how many meaning
  • What is Sensitivity Case Means what Distinguishing between capital letters and lowercase letters compare meaning
  • What is Cylinder Description on different sides of a double-sided disk. It may be extended to include multiple platters. For example, Side 0 Track 30, Side 1 track 30 why meaning
  • What is Booting Cold Definition Booting up DOS by turning the computer's power on. See bootstrapping how better meaning
  • What is Cpu Explain Central Processing Unit. The main chip that executes all individual computer instructions when meaning
  • What is Configuration What is as the number of buffers DOS will use, the number of simultaneously open files it will allow, and the specific devices that will be determines meaning
  • What is Memory Conventional Meaning Physical memory located below the 640K DOS addressing limit comparing to meaning
  • What is Cluster Abbreviation Each sector usually comprises 512 bytes. Also known as an allocation unit, this is the smallest unit of disk storage that DOS can depends on meaning
  • What is Console How to The combination of your system's monitor and keyboard which meaning
  • What is Set Character Help can be used by programs or system devices. It consists of letters, numbers, control codes, and special graphics or international symbols difference meaning
  • What is Contiguity Crossword The physical adjacency on a disk of the disk sectors used by a file when meaning
  • What is Box Confirmation Examples to confirm your request. It helps to protect you from making irrevocable errors-for example, when deleting files pros and cons meaning
  • What is computer-aided design (CAD) program Encyclopedia containing advanced graphics and drawing features. It is used by engineers, architects, and designers for drawing and design applications similarities meaning
  • What is Pasting And Cutting Information about Selecting text from one part of a document or visual display and moving it to another location how much meaning
  • What is Page Code Tutorial A character set that redefines the country and keyboard information for non-U.S.keyboards and systems how many meaning
  • What is Clipboard Error The temporary storage location for data that is being moved or copied from one part of a file to another. See also cutting and pasting compare meaning
  • What is Prompt Command Answer A visual indicator that an operating system or application program is waiting for input from you why meaning
  • What is Switching Context Means what See task swapper how better meaning

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Definition Context switching definition command prompt explain clipboard what is code page meaning cutting and pasting abbreviation computer-aided design (CAD) program. explain.

What is Conditional statement definition concatenation explain cache what is help.