What is highlighting head definition
MEANING Highlighting, Head, Housekeeping, Hard Disk, Hot Key, Head Crash, High-Capacity Diskette.

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  • What is Help Definition displayed whenever the F1 key is pressed from within the DOS shell, in which case the help text is context-sensitive, that is, relating compare meaning
  • What is Hexadecimal Explain the digits 0 through 9 and the letters A through 7. A single eight-bit byte can be fully represented as two hexadecimal digits why meaning
  • What is Files Hidden What is directory listing. This term usually refers to DOS's internal system files, disk labeling file, deletion-tracking file, and partition how better meaning
  • What is Interrupt Hardware Meaning A signal from a device to the computer, indicating that an event has taken place when meaning
  • What is Attribute Hidden Abbreviation indicate whether the file in question is to be bidden from view and from all commands that search the DOS directory table determines meaning
  • What is Hardware How to The physical components of a computer system comparing to meaning
  • What is Mode Resolution High Help all available pixels are used to provide the most detailed screen image possible. On a color monitor, this mode reduces the possible range depends on meaning
  • What is File Help Crossword A file of textual information containing helpful explanations of commands, modes, and other on-screen tutorial information. See also help which meaning
  • What is Diskette Capacity High Examples A 1.2Mb 5 1/4". 1,44Mb 3 1/2", or 2.88Mb 3 1/2" floppy diskette difference meaning
  • What is Crash Head Encyclopedia Occurs when the head hits the disk platter on a hard disk, physically damaging the disk and the data on it when meaning
  • What is Key Hot Information about A key combination used to signal that a memory-resident program should begin operation pros and cons meaning
  • What is Disk Hard Tutorial and at a higher density than a floppy diskette. It is scaled in an airtight compartment to avoid contaminants that could damage or destroy similarities meaning
  • What is Housekeeping Error Making sure the directory stays intact and well organized, and that unnecessary files are deleted how much meaning
  • What is Head Answer A disk-drive mechanism that reads data from and writes data to the disk how many meaning
  • What is Highlighting Means what reverse video or in a combination of contrasting colors to indicate the choice to be made when you press the Return key compare meaning

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Definition MEANING Highlighting, Head, Housekeeping, Hard Disk, Hot Key, Head Crash, High-Capacity Diskette, Help File, High-Resolution Mode, Hardware, Hidden Attribute, Hardware explain.

What is What is Highlighting, Head, Housekeeping, Hard Disk, Hot Key, Head help.