What is housekeeping definition
How to use housekeeping - definition: Making sure the directory stays intact and well organized.


Housekeeping definition

What is HOUSEKEEPING: Making sure the directory stays intact and well organized, and that unnecessary files are deleted.

Definition Hidden Files:
Dictionary do not appear in a directory listing. This term usually refers to DOS's internal system files, disk labeling file, deletion-tracking file, and partition-table image file. It can also refer to housekeeping.
Definition Hidden Attribute:
Dictionary A bit in a file specification used to indicate whether the file in question is to be bidden from view and from all commands that search the DOS directory table housekeeping.
Definition Head Crash:
Dictionary Occurs when the head hits the disk platter on a hard disk, physically damaging the disk and the data on it housekeeping.
Definition High-Capacity Diskette:
Dictionary A 1.2Mb 5 1/4". 1,44Mb 3 1/2", or 2.88Mb 3 1/2" floppy diskette housekeeping.

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