What is file help definition
How to use help file - definition: explanations of commands, modes, and other on-screen tutorial.


Help File definition

What is HELP FILE: A file of textual information containing helpful explanations of commands, modes, and other on-screen tutorial information. See also help.

Definition Hardware:
Dictionary The physical components of a computer system help file.
Definition Housekeeping:
Dictionary Making sure the directory stays intact and well organized, and that unnecessary files are deleted help file.
Definition Hard Disk:
Dictionary A rigid platter that stores data faster and at a higher density than a floppy diskette. It is scaled in an airtight compartment to avoid contaminants that could damage or destroy the disk help file.
Definition Highlighting:
Dictionary Displaying a portion of the screen in reverse video or in a combination of contrasting colors to indicate the choice to be made when you press the Return key help file.

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