What is mechanizm dk mechanizm definition
Mechanizm Disk, Mechanizm Attribute, Multitasking, Multiprocessing, Mouse Pointer, Mouse.

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  • What is Language Machine Explain The most fundamental way to program a computer, using instructions made up entirely of strings of 0's and 1's
  • What is Macro Explain A set of memory-resident commands that can be named and executed as a group, similar to the disk-resident mechanism known as batch files
  • What is Mb Explain Abbreviation for megabyte
  • What is Mb Megabyte Explain 1024 kilobytes
  • What is Memory Explain The circuitry in a computer that stores information. See also RAM, ROM
  • What is Cache Memory Explain See cache
  • What is Resident Memory Explain Located in physical memory, as opposed to being stored in a disk file
  • What is Menu Explain A set of choices displayed in tabular format
  • What is Bar Menu Explain The line listing the menu names at the top of a shell screen
  • What is Symbols Meta Explain Special single-character codes used by the PROMPT command to represent complex actions or sequences to be included in the DOS prompt
  • What is Diskette Floppy Micro Explain The 3 1/2" diskette used in the Personal System/2 and many other computers
  • What is Modem Explain A device that transmits digital data in tones over a phone line and allows computers to exchange information
  • What is Monitor Explain display screen. Also known by the abbreviation VDT (for video display terminal) or CRT (for cathode ray tube
  • What is Monochrome Explain Referring to a single pixel color. If the pixel is turned on, it becomes part of the overall image's background
  • What is Mouse Explain by means of a hand-held apparatus moved along a surface such as a desk. The computer can tell how far and in which direction the mouse is
  • What is Pointer Mouse Explain symbolic location of the mouse. When in graphic mode, the mouse pointer is an arrow. When in text mode, it appears as a solid movable
  • What is Multiprocessing Explain See multitasking
  • What is Multitasking Explain When two or more computing applications are executing simultaneously
  • What is Attribute Mechanizm Explain A bit in a file specification used to indicate whether the file in question contains special system information
  • What is Disk Mechanizm Explain A disk containing the necessary DOS system files for system booting

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Definition Mechanizm Disk, Mechanizm Attribute, Multitasking, Multiprocessing, Mouse Pointer, Mouse, Monochrome, Monitor, Modem, Micro Floppy Diskette, Meta Symbols, Menu explain.

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