What is dk hard definition
How to use hard disk - definition: density than a floppy diskette. It is scaled in an airtight.


Hard Disk definition

What is HARD DISK: A rigid platter that stores data faster and at a higher density than a floppy diskette. It is scaled in an airtight compartment to avoid contaminants that could damage or destroy the disk.

Definition Hidden Files:
Dictionary do not appear in a directory listing. This term usually refers to DOS's internal system files, disk labeling file, deletion-tracking file, and partition-table image file. It can also refer to hard disk.
Definition Hardware:
Dictionary The physical components of a computer system hard disk.
Definition Hexadecimal:
Dictionary A base-16 numbering system that uses the digits 0 through 9 and the letters A through 7. A single eight-bit byte can be fully represented as two hexadecimal digits hard disk.
Definition High-Resolution Mode:
Dictionary monitor in which all available pixels are used to provide the most detailed screen image possible. On a color monitor, this mode reduces the possible range of colors that can be output hard disk.

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