What is look ahead buffers logical definition
Look-Ahead Buffers, Logical Testing, Logical Drives, Logging On, Log File, Lockup, Literal, Line.

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  • What is landscape orientation Explain portrait) orientation for a printed page. With landscape orientation, the information is read by holding the long edge of the page
  • What is laser printer Explain pictures or text) by shining a laser on a photo static drum, which picks up toner and then transfers the image to paper
  • What is LCD Explain Liquid Crystal Display. A method of producing an image using electrically sensitive crystals suspended in a liquid medium
  • What is letter-quality printer Explain A printer that forms characters that are comparable to those of a typewriter
  • What is line editor Explain A program that can make textual changes to an ASCII file, but can only make changes to one line of the file at a time
  • What is line feed Explain When the cursor on a screen moves to the next line, or when the printer moves the paper down to the next line
  • What is literal Explain Something that is accepted exactly as it was submitted
  • What is lockup Explain computer will not accept any input and may have stopped processing. It must be warm or cold booted to resume operating
  • What is log file Explain A separate file, created with the BACKUP command, that keeps track of the names of all files written to the backup diskette(s
  • What is logging on Explain a mainframe or telecommunications service. b> logical b> Something that is defined based on a decision, not by physical properties
  • What is logical drives Explain Disk drives, created in an extended DOS partition, that do not physically exist, but DOS thinks they do
  • What is logical testing Explain See decision making
  • What is look-ahead buffers Explain read successively positioned disk sectors before those sectors are actually referenced by a program or command, thereby improving

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Definition Look-Ahead Buffers, Logical Testing, Logical Drives, Logging On, Log File, Lockup, Literal, Line Feed, Line Editor, Letter-Quality Printer, Lcd, Laser Printer explain.

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