What is początek pull down menu definition
Początek Bit, Pull-Down Menu, Public-Domain, Protected Mode, Program Startup Command (Psc), Primary.

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  • What is Communications Parallel Explain Data transmission in which several bits can be transferred or processed at one time. Compare to serial communications
  • What is Parameter Explain Additional information, specified with a command, that determines how the command executes
  • What is Passing Parameter Explain Using variable parameters (%0 to %9) to pass startup information to a program or batch file
  • What is Bit Parity Explain of data bits, that makes the total of the data bits and the parity bit odd or even. Used when sending information via modem to ensure
  • What is Partition Explain The section of a hard disk that contains an operating system. There can be at most four partitions on one hard disk
  • What is Password Explain A sequence of characters that allows entry into a restricted system or program
  • What is Path Explain The list of disks and directories that DOS will search through to find a command file ending in .COM, .BAT, or .EXE
  • What is Peripheral Explain Any physical device connected to the computer
  • What is Piping Explain Redirecting the input or output of one program or command to another program or command by using the |character
  • What is Pixel Explain The smallest unit of display on a video monitor-in short, a dot-which can be illuminated to create text or graphics images
  • What is Platter Explain The rigid disk used in a hard-disk drive
  • What is Plotter Explain A device with a mechanical arm that draws data on paper
  • What is Port Explain A doorway through which the computer can access external devices
  • What is Orientation Portrait Explain The usual vertical orientation of printer output, with the long side held vertically. The opposite of landscape orientation
  • What is Partition Dos Primary Explain The first, logically named disk portion of a hard disk. Contains the boot record and other DOS information files
  • What is program startup command (PSC) Explain included in the Commands field of DOS's Add or Change Program dialog boxes. It may also include an option string enclosed in brackets
  • What is Mode Protected Explain 80286, 80386, and 80486 processor chips that support multitasking, process protection, and advanced memory management
  • What is Domain Public Explain Something not copyrighted or patented. Public-domain software can be used and copied without infringing on anyone's rights
  • What is Menu Down Pull Explain A vertical list of command choices that appears when you select a menu name, or a choice from an action bar
  • What is Bit Początek Explain The bit sent at the beginning of a data stream to indicate that data bits follow in asynchronous communications. Compare to stop bit

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Definition Początek Bit, Pull-Down Menu, Public-Domain, Protected Mode, Program Startup Command (Psc), Primary Dos Partition, Portrait Orientation, Port, Plotter, Platter explain.

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