What is reserved memory explain definition
RAM disk definition RAM explain root directory what is REM statement meaning real mode abbreviation.

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  • What is Rom Definition that you can only read from. This contains a small portion of the basic computer operating system, as well as certain hardware-support compare meaning
  • What is Memory Reserved Explain video buffers. DOS can use it with appropriate system configuration for device drivers, memory-resident programs (TSRs), and ordinary why meaning
  • What is Command Resident What is A command located in random-access memory how better meaning
  • What is read-after-write verification Meaning invoked with the VERIFY command or the /V switch in conjunction with COPY, DISKCOPY, or XCOPY. It rereads data after writing it to disk when meaning
  • What is Redirection Abbreviation The process of causing output from one program or device to be routed to another program or device determines meaning
  • What is Status Only Read How to A file with this status cannot be updated but can be read comparing to meaning
  • What is Names Reserved Help Specific words, in a programming language or operating system, which should not be used in any other application context depends on meaning
  • What is Film Reverse Crossword The effect of reversing the foreground and background colors for certain characters on screen in order to make then noticeable which meaning
  • What is Allocation Resource Examples Making system facilities available to individual users or programs difference meaning
  • What is Attribute Write Read Encyclopedia The bit in a file specification that indicates whether a file can accept changes or deletions, or can only be accessed for reading when meaning
  • What is Range Information about A contiguous series of values (minimum to maximum, first to last, and so on pros and cons meaning
  • What is Mode Real Tutorial Windows 3, the other two being standard mode and 386 enhanced mode. Real mode is the only mode in which a computer with less than 1Mb of similarities meaning
  • What is Statement Rem Error a CONFIG.SYS file, or a batch file, which contains remarks or comments for program explanation or clarification. REM statements are not how much meaning
  • What is Directory Root Answer The first directory on any disk or drive how many meaning
  • What is Ram Means what computer's memory to which you have access; it stores programs and data while the computer is on. When the computer is off or loses compare meaning
  • What is Disk Ram Description a disk drive. All data in this area of memory is lost when the computer is turned off or warm booted. It is also known as a virtual disk why meaning

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Definition RAM disk definition RAM explain root directory what is REM statement meaning real mode abbreviation range how to read/write attribute help resource allocation. explain.

What is ROM definition reserved memory explain resident command what is read- help.