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Dual Tasking, Driver.sys, Drive Identifier, Double-Density Diskette, Double Click, Dot-Matrix.

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  • What is Printer Wheel Daisy Explain A printer that uses a wheel-shaped print head, with characters on the spokes, for producing letter-quality hard copy
  • What is Area Data Explain Tracks on a disk that contain user data
  • What is Database Explain A collection of data organized into various categories. A phone book is one form of database
  • What is Mechanizm Management Database Explain the creation of specially organized files, as well as data entry, manipulation, removal, and reporting for those files
  • What is Bits Data Explain In computer communications, the pieces of binary information that make up the data part of a transmission
  • What is Disk Data Explain A disk that has been formatted without the/S switch. The disk can contain only data; no room has been reserved for system files
  • What is Stream Data Explain The transmission of data between two components or computers
  • What is Key Dead Explain international keyboards, which outputs nothing itself but allows the next keystroke to produce an accent mark above or below the keystroke
  • What is Debugging Explain The process of discovering what is wrong with a program, where the problem is located, and what the solution is
  • What is Decimal Explain A numbering system based on ten digits
  • What is Making Decision Explain program at which execution can continue on at least two different paths, depending on the results of a program test. It is also known as
  • What is Default Explain The initial or standard value of a variable or system parameter
  • What is Execution Deferred Explain In a program or batch file, the delaying of execution until a value for some parameter is finally entered or computed
  • What is Delimiter Explain A special character, such as a comma or space, used to separate values or data entries
  • What is Loading Demand Explain Reading into memory a disk file when, and only when, the module is actually needed by the currently executing program
  • What is Destination Explain the targeted location for data, files, or other information generated or moved by a DOS command
  • What is Device Explain Any internal or external piece of peripheral hardware
  • What is Driver Device Explain A special program that must be loaded to use a device. It adds extra capability to DOS. Also known as an interrupt handler
  • What is Name Device Explain Logical name that DOS uses to refer to a device
  • What is Box Dialog Explain A rectangular window that prompts you to enter data
  • What is Digital Explain A representation based on a collection of individual digits, such as 0's and 1's in the binary number system
  • What is Digitizer Explain A device with a movable arm that can take an image and break it up into small parts, which the computer translates into bits
  • What is Directory Explain A grouping of files on a disk. These files are displayed together and many include access to other directories (subdirectories
  • What is Tree Directory Explain The treelike structure created when a root directory has several subdirectories, each of the subdirectories has subdirectories, and so on
  • What is Drive Disk Explain A hardware device that accesses the data stored on a disk
  • What is Diskette Explain A flexible, oxide-coated disk used to store data. It is also called a floppy diskette
  • What is Optimizer Disk Explain A program that rearranges the location of files stored on a disk in order to make the data in those files quickly retrievable
  • What is Command Resident Disk Explain See external command
  • What is Dos Explain Disk Operating System. The main disk and file management software that facilitates computer/user interaction
  • What is Environment Dos Explain A part of memory set aside to hold the defaults needed in the current environment, such as COMSPEC, PATH, LASTDRIVE, and so on
  • What is Prompt Dos Explain See command prompt
  • What is Shell Dos Explain The graphic interface that lets you use menus, windows, and icons. The program name in DOS 5 is DOSSHELL.EXE
  • What is Printer Matrix Dot Explain means of pins on a movable print head. The arrangement of the dots are visible to the reader as characters on the page
  • What is Click Double Explain Pressing a mouse's button twice in rapid succession
  • What is Diskette Density Double Explain material is arranged twice as densely as was true on the generally no-longer-available first DOS diskettes. Double-density is used most
  • What is Identifier Drive Explain A single letter assigned to represent a drive, such as drive A or drive B. It usually requires a colon after it, such as A
  • What is Sys Driver Explain A CONFIG.SYS device driver used to facilitate assigning logical drive identifiers to extra physical disk drives
  • What is Tasking Dual Explain Causing two tasks or programming events to occur simultaneously

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