What is file name foreground task definition
Flow of control definition fixed disk explain filter what is file extension meaning fragmentation.

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  • What is Name File Definition The name of a file on the disk. File name usually refers to the base name, but it can include the extension as well compare meaning
  • What is Task Foreground Explain computer, as opposed to the less visible background task (usually a printing job). Also, the currently switched-to task, when you have why meaning
  • What is File What is A collection of bytes, representing a program or data, organized into records and stored as a named group on a disk how better meaning
  • What is Diskette Floppy Meaning See diskette when meaning
  • What is Formatting Abbreviation The placement of timing marks on a disk to arrange the tracks and sectors for subsequent reading and writing determines meaning
  • What is Version File How to A term that refers to which developmental copy of a software program is being used or referenced comparing to meaning
  • What is file allocation table (FAT) Help A table of sectors stored on a disk, which tells DOS whether a given sector is good, bad, continued, or the end of a chain of records depends on meaning
  • What is Keys Function Crossword Special-purpose keys on a keyboard, which can be assigned unique tasks by the operating system or by application programs which meaning
  • What is Fragmentation Examples A condition in which many different files have been stored in noncontiguous sectors on a disk difference meaning
  • What is Extension File Encyclopedia See extension when meaning
  • What is Filter Information about A program that accepts data as input, processes it in some manner, and then outputs the data in a different form pros and cons meaning
  • What is Disk Fixed Tutorial IBM's name for a hard disk similarities meaning
  • What is Control Of Flow Error commands; how the control flows from one command to another, even when the next command to be executed is not located sequentially in the how much meaning

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Definition Flow of control definition fixed disk explain filter what is file extension meaning fragmentation abbreviation function keys how to file allocation table (FAT). explain.

What is File name definition foreground task explain file what is floppy help.