What is pasting cutting definition
How to use cutting and pasting - definition: Selecting text from one part of a document or visual.


Cutting And Pasting definition

What is CUTTING AND PASTING: Selecting text from one part of a document or visual display and moving it to another location.

Definition COMMAND.COM:
Dictionary The command processor that interprets your internal and external command requests cutting and pasting.
Definition Character Set:
Dictionary 256 characters that can be used by programs or system devices. It consists of letters, numbers, control codes, and special graphics or international symbols, each represented by a unique byte or cutting and pasting.
Definition CPU:
Dictionary Central Processing Unit. The main chip that executes all individual computer instructions cutting and pasting.
Definition Configuration:
Dictionary An initial set of system values, such as the number of buffers DOS will use, the number of simultaneously open files it will allow, and the specific devices that will be supported cutting and pasting.

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