What is interrupt software definition
How to use software interrupt - definition: that is resident in the computer's basic.


Software Interrupt definition

What is SOFTWARE INTERRUPT: A signal from a software program that calls up a routine that is resident in the computer's basic programming. It is also a software signal to the computer that the software program has finished or has a problem.

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Dictionary The location containing the original data, files, or other information to be used in a DOS command software interrupt.
Definition Scrolling:
Dictionary Rolling additional lines of text onto the screen, while rolling lines from the other side of the screen out of view software interrupt.
Definition Stop Bit:
Dictionary In asynchronous communications, the bit sent after the data bits to indicate that no more data bits follow. Compare to start bit software interrupt.
Definition Spooling:
Dictionary Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line. Using a high speed disk to store input to or output from low-speed peripheral devices while the CPU does other tasks software interrupt.

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