What is parameter variable definition
How to use variable parameter - definition: placeholder; when you issue the command, you replace.


Variable Parameter definition

What is VARIABLE PARAMETER: A named element, following a command, that acts as a placeholder; when you issue the command, you replace the variable parameter with the actual value you want to use.

Definition Verbose Listing:
Dictionary A listing of all files and subdirectories contained on the disk and path specified in the command. It is activated by the CHKDSK command with the /V switch variable parameter.
Definition Vertical Portrait:
Dictionary The conventional 8 1/2-by-11-inch output for printed information, with the long side of the paper positioned vertically variable parameter.
Definition Volume Label:
Dictionary A name, consisting of up to 11 characters (8 plus an extension), that can be assigned to any disk during a FORMAT operation or after formatting with the LABEL command variable parameter.
Definition Virtual Disk:
Dictionary See RAM disk variable parameter.

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