What is page code definition
How to use code page - definition: information for non-U.S.keyboards and systems. Describe Page.


Code Page definition

What is CODE PAGE: A character set that redefines the country and keyboard information for non-U.S.keyboards and systems.

Definition Compressed Print:
Dictionary Printing that allows more than 80 characters on a line of output. Compressed print is usually 132 characters, but on newer printers it can be up to 255 characters per line code page.
Definition Contiguity:
Dictionary The physical adjacency on a disk of the disk sectors used by a file code page.
Definition Confirmation Box:
Dictionary A rectangular window that prompts you to confirm your request. It helps to protect you from making irrevocable errors-for example, when deleting files code page.
Definition Copy Protection:
Dictionary Special mechanisms contained in diskettes to inhibit the copying of them by conventional commands code page.

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