What is prompt command definition
How to use command prompt - definition: A visual indicator that an operating system or application.


Command Prompt definition

What is COMMAND PROMPT: A visual indicator that an operating system or application program is waiting for input from you.

Definition Confirmation Box:
Dictionary A rectangular window that prompts you to confirm your request. It helps to protect you from making irrevocable errors-for example, when deleting files command prompt.
Definition Cold Booting:
Dictionary Booting up DOS by turning the computer's power on. See bootstrapping command prompt.
Definition Control Codes:
Dictionary ASCII codes that do not display a character but perform a function, such as ringing a bell or deleting a character command prompt.
Definition Cursor:
Dictionary The blinking line or highlighting box that indicates where the next keystroke will be displayed or what the next control code entered will affect. See also selection cursor command prompt.

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