What is cylinder definition
How to use cylinder - definition: a double-sided disk. It may be extended to include multiple.


Cylinder definition

What is CYLINDER: Two tracks that are in the same place on different sides of a double-sided disk. It may be extended to include multiple platters. For example, Side 0 Track 30, Side 1 track 30, Side 2 Track 30 and Side 3 Track 30 form a cylinder.

Definition Cache:
Dictionary A portion of memory reserved for the contents of recently referenced disk sectors. It facilitates faster re access of the same sectors and is implemented with the SMARTDRV.SYS device driver cylinder.
Definition Command Processor:
Dictionary The program that translates and acts on commands cylinder.
Definition Chaining:
Dictionary of execution from one batch file to another. This represents an unconditional transfer of control. If you want to return control to a batch file you must use the CALL command when executing a batch cylinder.
Definition Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Program:
Dictionary A sophisticated software package containing advanced graphics and drawing features. It is used by engineers, architects, and designers for drawing and design applications cylinder.

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