What is confirmation definition
How to use confirmation box - definition: request. It helps to protect you from making irrevocable.


Confirmation Box definition

What is CONFIRMATION BOX: A rectangular window that prompts you to confirm your request. It helps to protect you from making irrevocable errors-for example, when deleting files.

Definition Character Set:
Dictionary 256 characters that can be used by programs or system devices. It consists of letters, numbers, control codes, and special graphics or international symbols, each represented by a unique byte or confirmation box.
Definition CPU:
Dictionary Central Processing Unit. The main chip that executes all individual computer instructions confirmation box.
Definition Chaining:
Dictionary of execution from one batch file to another. This represents an unconditional transfer of control. If you want to return control to a batch file you must use the CALL command when executing a batch confirmation box.
Definition Ctrl-Z:
Dictionary The end-of-file marker. Appears on screen as ^Z confirmation box.

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