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Proprietor, Pensions, Prepaid Expenses, Public Retirement System, Proprietorship, Principal.

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  • What is means Pension/Annuity Starting Date Describe The first day of the first period for which an amount is due as a pension/annuity payment under the contract
  • What is means Depletion Percentage Describe is a specified percentage of the gross income from the property, subject to other limits. Percentage depletion is allowed for nearly all
  • What is means Expenses Personal Describe those for business or investment purposes. Personal expenses are not deductible unless specifically allowed under the tax law. Two examples
  • What is means Principal Place of Business Describe or business is transacted. Taxpayers who engage in more than one business can have more than one principal place of business. For purposes
  • What is means Taxes Production Describe Taxes levied by state governments on the value or quantity of production or extraction of natural resources
  • What is means Pensions Taxable Partly Describe employee made after-tax contributions. Once the employee recovers his cost, the pension becomes fully taxable
  • What is means Partnership Describe persons join their money and skills in conducting the business. Partnerships must file a return but are not subject to tax. Each partner
  • What is means Income Passive Describe activities in which the taxpayer does not materially participate, and most rental activities. See also Material Participation and Portfolio
  • What is means Patent Describe make, use, or sell his invention for a period of years. A patent is an intangible asset that may be depreciated over its remaining life
  • What is means Penalties Describe may assess at a statutory rate as an addition to a tax deficiency and interest. The tax Code provides for penalties for various infractions
  • What is means Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Tax Describe this penalty if the tax is $1,000 or more and the taxpayer did not prepay on a timely basis at least the smaller of (1) 90% of the current
  • What is means Pension Describe generally) a definite amount for a specified period (usually life) from an employer-funded plan to workers who have met the stated
  • What is means Permanent and Total Disability Describe individual from engaging in any substantial gainful activity because of a medically determined physical or mental impairment that is
  • What is means Property Personal Describe Generally, all property other than real estate
  • What is means Tax Property Personal Describe An annual tax imposed on certain personal property, such as cars or boats, and based on the value of the property
  • What is means Personal and Dependent Exemptions Describe each taxpayer and spouse (if a joint return is filed) who is not eligible to be claimed as a dependent on another taxpayer's return
  • What is means Property Use Personal Describe Property that is not used for business or investment purposes
  • What is means Custody Physical Describe The taxpayer with whom a child lives is considered to have physical custody
  • What is means Points Describe paid for the use of money) that a buyer generally may deduct as interest. This amount can generally be deducted in full if paid for the
  • What is means Income Portfolio Describe for the passive loss rules. Portfolio income includes dividends, interest, capital gains from property that produces portfolio income, and
  • What is means Interest Prepaid Describe only as it accrues. The one exception to this rule is for certain points paid by a cash-basis taxpayer to obtain financing for a loan used
  • What is means Payments Principal Describe The portion of a loan payment that reduces the outstanding balance of the loan
  • What is means Residence Principal Describe home in which a taxoayer lives most of the time. A taxpayer who sells a principal residence that he or she owned and lived in for at least
  • What is means Proprietorship Describe An unincorporated business owned by one person. The business owner may have employees working for him or her
  • What is means System Retirement Public Describe United States, a state, territory, or possession of the United States, or their political subdivisions
  • What is means Expenses Prepaid Describe paid in advance. Cash-basis as well as accrual-basis taxpayers usually are required to capitalize prepayments for rent, insurance, etc
  • What is means Pensions Describe A pension is a definitely determinable series of payments received from an employer-provided plan after the employee retires
  • What is means Proprietor Describe The sole owner of a trade or business

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