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Expenses Of Sale, Employee, Estate, Employment Expenses, Earned Income Credit, Expensing, Exchange.

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  • What is means Employer-Funded Retirement Plan Describe A retirement plan funded in full or in part by employer contributions on behalf of employees
  • What is means Energy Tax Credit--Residential Property Describe equal to the sum of: (1) 10% of the amount paid in 2006 for qualified energy efficiency improvements (for example, insulation, exterior
  • What is means Extension Describe to perform an act required by the tax law or by regulation. The term is used most often when referring to an extension to file the tax
  • What is means Domain Eminent Describe The right of a government authority to take private property for public use and paying fair compensation to the owner
  • What is means Excludable Amount of Pension Describe The portion of pension distributions that is not taxable
  • What is means Income Earned Describe rendered as distinguished from income generated by property or other sources. Earned income includes amounts received as wages, tips
  • What is means Option Stock Employee Describe purchase the employer's stock. Employee stock options to which special income tax treatment is accorded are known as statutory options
  • What is means Energy Tax Credit--Business Property Describe purchase of certain business-use property utilizing solar, geothermal, or biomass energy. New provisions allow credits for certain coal and
  • What is means Expenses Entertainment Describe employees and self-employed taxpayers only if the expenses are directly related to or associated with a trade, business, or profession. To
  • What is means Excess Social Security Tax Withheld Describe employer during the calendar year and more than a specified amount of social security tax is withheld, the excess of the amount withheld
  • What is means Gain Excluded Describe sale that will never be taxed. The most common situtation in which this occurs is for qualifying sales of principal residences. Other gains
  • What is means Exclusion Describe included in gross income because the Tax Code excludes it. Examples, include gain from a qualified sale of a principal residence, income
  • What is means Percentage Exclusion Describe compute the excludable amount of a pension under the general rule. This percentage is determined by dividing the taxpayer's total
  • What is means Exemption Describe each dependent that is subtracted from income that would otherwise be taxed. The allowable amount must be reduced if adjusted gross income
  • What is means Return Expected Describe the taxable portion of pension that is taxed under the general rule. For a lifetime pension, it is computed by multiplying the annual
  • What is means Expenses Describe expenses are divided into four categories: Trade or business expenses,Expenses in connection with production of income, in connection with
  • What is means Tax Estimated Describe The amount of tax a taxpayer expects to owe for the year after subtracting expected amounts withheld and the amount of any expected credits
  • What is means Expense Education Describe is an expense that is eligible for a tax deduction or credit. Education benefits include the Hope and lifetime learning credits and the
  • What is means Exchange Describe property or services. Some exchanges produce currently taxable income while others can be structured so as to defer any tax liability
  • What is means Expensing Describe claims the section 179 expense deduction, defined elsewhere in this glossary, or currently deducts certain other expenditures that would
  • What is means Credit Income Earned Describe taxpayers based on earned income, adjusted gross income, and the number of qualifying children. See our Earned Income Tax Credit rate table
  • What is means Expenses Employment Describe Ordinary and necessary expenses required to perform the duties for which the taxpayer was hired
  • What is means Estate Describe taxable entity that is established upon the death of a taxpayer. It consists of all the decedent's property and personal effects. The
  • What is means Employee Describe an individual who is subject to the will and control of the employer not only as to what shall be done but also as to how it shall be done
  • What is means Sale Of Expenses Describe reduce the sale price of property. Examples are commissions to a broker or real estate agent, title search, title insurance, legal fees

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