What is railroad retirement royalty definition
Railroad Retirement Tax Act, Royalty, Refundable Credit, Reinvested Dividends, Recharacterization.

Tax definitions R

  • What is means Alien Resident Describe in the United States and/or has resident status by law or visa, or passes the substantial presence test
  • What is means Recognized Gain or Loss Describe The portion of realized gain or loss that is subject to income taxation
  • What is means Period Recovery Describe The period of years over which the cost of business assets is written off under ACRS or MACRS
  • What is means Repossession Describe Taking possession of property that was earlier sold on an installment contract because the buyer defaults on payment of the debt
  • What is means Feature Refund Describe annuitant and/or his or her survivors are guaranteed to receive an amount under the annuity at least eqaul to the amount paid for the
  • What is means Recapture Describe or excluded amount in gross income or tax liability. Recapture may be applicable to accelerated depreciation, cost recovery, amortization
  • What is means Depreciation Of Recapture Describe generally is taxed as ordinary income up to the amount of depreciation claimed (for personal property) and to the extent of the excess of
  • What is means Recovery Describe expense paid in a previous year that is later refunded to the taxpayer. The recovered amount must usually be included in income in the
  • What is means Property Recovery Describe Recovery property is a term used to describe property that is eligible to be depreciated under either ACRS or MACRS. See ACRS and MACRS
  • What is means Cost Of Recovery Describe received--usually a factor only in income from sales of items purchased for resale, income from sales of property, and income from pensions
  • What is means Regular Method (Automobile Expenses) Describe taxpayer's vehicle based on actual cost of gas, oil, repairs, tires, washing, etc. plus a deduction for depreciation
  • What is means Regulated Investment Company (Mutual Fund) Describe capital to invest in other companies. The two principal types are closed-end and open-end mutual funds. Shares in closed-end mutual funds
  • What is means Regulations Describe interpretation of the tax Code in the form of regulations. They do not have the force and effect of law except in those cases in which the
  • What is means Income Rental Describe allowing another person's use of the taxpayer's property. Rental income includes advance rental payments, late payments, and
  • What is means Repairs Describe business-use property in good operating condition that do not significantly add to the value of the property or extend its useful life
  • What is means Return of Capital Distribution Describe distribution that is not from the corporation's earnings and profits. The distribution is not taxable, but reduces the basis of the
  • What is means Right Describe shareholder to buy additional shares at a special price for a limited time. Shareholders who don't use their rights can sell them to
  • What is means Rollover Describe plan distribution to another employer plan or to a traditional IRA, or the tax-free transfer from one IRA to another or to an eligible
  • What is means Ira Roth Describe introduced in 1998, are not deductible. Earnings grow tax free and qualified withdrawals are also tax free
  • What is means Interest Royalty Describe that entitles the holder to a specified fraction, in kind or in value, of the total production from the property, free of any expense of
  • What is means Property Real Describe Also known as real estate, includes land, buildings, and their structural components
  • What is means Realized Gain or Loss Describe The difference between the amount received upon the sale or other disposition of property and the adjusted basis of the property
  • What is means Recharacterization Describe Recharacterization is the process of changing the character of a traditional IRA contribution to a Roth IRA contribution or vice versa
  • What is means Dividends Reinvested Describe accepted as additional shares of stock rather than as cash. They are taxable in the year constructively received
  • What is means Credit Refundable Describe A credit for which the IRS will send the taxpayer a refund for any amount in excess of the taxpayer's tax liability
  • What is means Royalty Describe exploit a taxpayer's ownership of natural resources or a taxpayer's literary, musical, or artistic creation
  • What is means Railroad Retirement Tax Act Describe The law that provides for railroad retirement benefits

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