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Automobile Expenses, At-Risk Rules, Anti-Churning Rules, Annualized Income, Amended Return.

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  • What is means Actual Expenses (Regular Method) Describe The method of deducting automobile expenses based on actual costs incurred
  • What is means Basis Average Describe used only for sales of regulated investment company (including mutual fund) shares. The taxpayer can choose either the single-category or
  • What is means Depreciation Accelerated Describe yield larger deductions in the earlier years of the life of an asset than does the straight-line method. The double (or 200 percent
  • What is means Annuity Describe specified intervals for a specific period of time or for life. The amouont may be fixed or variable. Payments represent a partial return of
  • What is means Audit Describe a taxpayer's return or other transactions with tax consequences. An office audit is an audit by the IRS that is conducted in the agent
  • What is means Date Starting Annuity Describe The first day of the first period for which an amount is due as an annuity payment under an annuity contract
  • What is means Period Accounting Describe taxpayer uses to determine federal income tax liability. Unless a taxpayer makes a specific choice to the contrary, his accounting period
  • What is means Basis Adjusted Describe property reduced by adjustments such as depreciation allowed or allowable and casualty losses, and increased by the cost of capital
  • What is means Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Describe income reduced by adjustments to income. This is the amount of income before subtracting exemptions and the standard deduction or itemized
  • What is means Income To Adjustment Describe the taxpayer does not itemize deductions. Adjustments to income are subtracted from gross income to arrive at adjusted gross income
  • What is means Payments Advance Describe services or goods. They generally are includible in gross income upon receipt for both accrual- and cash-basis taxpayers
  • What is means Debt Acquisition Describe Debt incurred to acquire, construct, or improve the taxpayer's principal or secondary residence
  • What is means Realized Amount Describe the sale or exchange of property. The amount received is the sum of the cash and the fair market value of any property or services plus any
  • What is means Away From Home Overnight Describe expenses, a trip away from one's tax home for a period longer than an ordinary work day, during which time one is released from duty
  • What is means Annuitant Describe A person who receives a pension or an annuity
  • What is means Asset Describe An item of useful or valuable property
  • What is means Accelerated Cost Recovery System (ACRS) Describe for property placed in service after 1980 and before 1987. ACRS is also used for certain property placed in service after 1986 that is
  • What is means Plan Accountable Describe expenses such as meals, entertainment, travel, and transportation incurred for business purposes on behalf of the employer. A plan is an
  • What is means Method Accounting Describe expenses are determined for tax purposes. Major accounting methods are the cash method and the accrual method
  • What is means Accrual Method of Accounting Describe accounting, the other being the cash method. Under the accrual method of accounting, income is reported in the tax year earned, whether or
  • What is means Interest Accrued Describe yet paid or credited; for example, for a bond on which interest is paid seminanually, interest earned during the six-month period in
  • What is means Participant Active Describe employer-maintained qualified retirement plan, or a qualified self-employed retirement plan, if even for only one day during the year
  • What is means Participation Active Describe management of residential rental real estate property that allows the landlord to deduct annually up to $25,000 of losses from the rental
  • What is means Additional Child Tax Credit Describe taxpayers with three or more children qualifying for the child tax credit or whose earned income exceeds a specified amount and whose
  • What is means Credit Adoption Describe adoption expenses incurred for each eligible child. The limit on the credit is indexed to inflation. For current figures, see our Adoption
  • What is means Advance Earned Income Credit Describe employee's claim to entitlement to the earned income credit. Advance earned income credit payments are treated as additional taxes on
  • What is means Payments Alimony Describe other spouse or former spouse under a separation or divorce agreement. Qualified alimony and separate maintenance payments are includible
  • What is means Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Describe some of the income and deductions reported on the forms and schedules filed with your tax return are figured differently or disallowed. For
  • What is means Return Amended Describe the original return has been filed. An amended return is used to correct errors or to claim more advantageous ways of filing the original
  • What is means Income Annualized Describe a particular period multiplied by the ratio of 12 to the number of months in the period. For example, if annualizing the income for the
  • What is means Rules Churning Anti Describe taking advantage of new laws by acquiring property eligible for benefits available under the new law from a related party that was used by
  • What is means Rules Risk At Describe 039;s deductible business, partnership, S corporation, or real estate loss to cash invested plus debt he or she is legally obligated to pay
  • What is means Expenses Automobile Describe expenses only to the extent the automobile is used for business, for charitable purposes, for moving expense purposes, and for medical

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