What is payments principal meaning definition
Define Principal Payments facts. Notion of The portion of a loan payment that reduces the.


Principal Payments Definition

What PRINCIPAL PAYMENTS means: The portion of a loan payment that reduces the outstanding balance of the loan.

Definition Pension:
Dictionary periodically of (generally) a definite amount for a specified period (usually life) from an employer-funded plan to workers who have met the stated requirements. Its primary purpose is to provide principal payments.
Definition Personal Expenses:
Dictionary individual other than those for business or investment purposes. Personal expenses are not deductible unless specifically allowed under the tax law. Two examples of deductible personal expenses are principal payments.
Definition Portfolio Income:
Dictionary Portfolio income is not passive income for the passive loss rules. Portfolio income includes dividends, interest, capital gains from property that produces portfolio income, and royalties principal payments.
Definition Percentage Depletion:
Dictionary percentage depletion is a specified percentage of the gross income from the property, subject to other limits. Percentage depletion is allowed for nearly all natural resources, except timber. See principal payments.

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