What is certificate meaning definition
Define Certificate facts. Notion of The actual piece of paper that is evidence of ownership of.


Certificate Definition

What CERTIFICATE means: The actual piece of paper that is evidence of ownership of stock in a corporation.

Definition Capital Gain Distributions:
Dictionary mutual funds, regulated investment companies, and real estate investment trusts that represent the shareholder's portion of gain from the sale of capital assets owned by these investment certificate definition.
Definition Child And Dependent Care Credit:
Dictionary 35 percent of employment-related child and dependent care expenses for up to $6,000 of expenses is available to individuals who are employed and maintain a household for a dependent child or disabled certificate explain.
Definition Capital Stock:
Dictionary Shares of stock that represent ownership of a portion of the corporation certificate what is.
Definition Coupon Bond:
Dictionary A bond with interest coupons attached. The coupons are clipped as they come due and are presented by the bond holder for payment of accrued interest certificate meaning.

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