What is value rental fair meaning definition
Define Fair Rental Value facts. Notion of reasonably expect to receive from a stranger for the same.


Fair Rental Value Definition

What FAIR RENTAL VALUE means: The amount the owner of property could reasonably expect to receive from a stranger for the same type of lodging; generally, the amount at which a home with its furnishings could be rented to a similar size family in a similar location.

Definition Fringe Benefits:
Dictionary benefits received by an employee in addition to salary. Examples include educational assistance, moving expense reimbursement, stock options, and dependent care assistance. Some fringe benefits (for fair rental value definition.
Definition Finance Charges:
Dictionary Amounts paid for the privilege of making purchases on a deferred-payment basis fair rental value explain.
Definition Foreign Corporation:
Dictionary A corporation not organized under the laws of one of the states or territories of the United States fair rental value what is.
Definition Federal Income Tax Withheld:
Dictionary The amount withheld from an income and submitted by the payer to the IRS as an advance payment of the taxpayer's federal income tax fair rental value meaning.

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