What is period recovery meaning definition
Define Recovery Period facts. Notion of of business assets is written off under ACRS or MACRS in.


Recovery Period Definition

What RECOVERY PERIOD means: The period of years over which the cost of business assets is written off under ACRS or MACRS.

Definition Refundable Credit:
Dictionary A credit for which the IRS will send the taxpayer a refund for any amount in excess of the taxpayer's tax liability recovery period.
Definition Return Of Capital Distribution:
Dictionary capital distribution is a distribution that is not from the corporation's earnings and profits. The distribution is not taxable, but reduces the basis of the stock. Distributions in excess of recovery period.
Definition Recapture:
Dictionary The inclusion of a previously deducted or excluded amount in gross income or tax liability. Recapture may be applicable to accelerated depreciation, cost recovery, amortization, and various credits recovery period.
Definition Roth IRA:
Dictionary Contributions to Roth IRAs, which were introduced in 1998, are not deductible. Earnings grow tax free and qualified withdrawals are also tax free recovery period.

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