What is adjusted gross income meaning definition
Define Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) facts. Notion of income reduced by adjustments to income. This.


Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Definition

What ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME (AGI) means: Adjusted gross income equals gross income reduced by adjustments to income. This is the amount of income before subtracting exemptions and the standard deduction or itemized deductions.

Definition Accountable Plan:
Dictionary reimbursing employees for expenses such as meals, entertainment, travel, and transportation incurred for business purposes on behalf of the employer. A plan is an accountable plan if the employer adjusted gross income (agi).
Definition Away From Home Overnight:
Dictionary For purposes of deducting travel expenses, a trip away from one's tax home for a period longer than an ordinary work day, during which time one is released from duty to obtain rest adjusted gross income (agi).
Definition At-Risk Rules:
Dictionary limiting the taxpayer's deductible business, partnership, S corporation, or real estate loss to cash invested plus debt he or she is legally obligated to pay and the adjusted basis of any adjusted gross income (agi).
Definition Actual Expenses (Regular Method):
Dictionary The method of deducting automobile expenses based on actual costs incurred adjusted gross income (agi).

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