What is prosthetics definition
Definition of Prosthetics: meaning The design, fabrication, and fitting of artificial body parts.


Prosthetics definition

What PROSTHETICS means: The design, fabrication, and fitting of artificial body parts.

Definition Progenitor Cells:
Dictionary Progenitor cells are cells that are similar to stem cells but instead of the ability to become any type of cell, they are already predisposed to develop into a particular type of cell prosthetics.
Definition Point-Of-Care:
Dictionary treating of patients at sites close to where they live. Rapid diagnostic tests are used to obtain immediate, on-site results. The success of the concept relies on portable, rapid diagnostic devices prosthetics.
Definition Photon:
Dictionary A particle of light or electromagnetic radiation. The energies of photons range from high-energy gamma rays and x-rays to low-energy radio waves prosthetics.
Definition Piezoelectric Crystals:
Dictionary transducer of an ultrasound device that vibrate when an electric signal is applied, emitting high-frequency sound pressure waves. The crystals are the crucial component of an ultrasound device both prosthetics.
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