What is imaging biomedical definition
Definition of Biomedical Imaging: meaning concerned with the development and use of imaging devices.


Biomedical Imaging definition

What BIOMEDICAL IMAGING means: The science and the branch of medicine concerned with the development and use of imaging devices and techniques to obtain internal anatomic images and to provide biochemical and physiological analysis of tissues and organs.

Definition Biomaterial:
Dictionary or construct that interacts with biological systems. Biomaterials can be derived from nature or synthesized in the laboratory using metallic components, polymers , ceramics, or composite materials biomedical imaging.
Definition Biosensors:
Dictionary A device that uses biological material, such as DNA, enzymes and antibodies, to detect specific biological, chemical, or physical processes and then transmits or reports this data biomedical imaging.
Definition Biocompatibility:
Dictionary biomaterial interacts in the body with the surrounding cells, tissues and other factors. A biomaterial is considered to have good biocompatibility if it does not generate a vigorous immune response biomedical imaging.
Definition Brachytherapy:
Dictionary therapy in which one or more small radioactive sources is placed in or adjacent to an area requiring treatment. The dose rate and longevity of the radiation source is chosen to reflect the treatment biomedical imaging.
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