What is imaging biomedical definition
Definition of Biomedical Imaging: meaning concerned with the development and use of imaging devices.


Biomedical Imaging definition

What BIOMEDICAL IMAGING means: The science and the branch of medicine concerned with the development and use of imaging devices and techniques to obtain internal anatomic images and to provide biochemical and physiological analysis of tissues and organs.

Definition Biomimetics:
Dictionary Using biological form and function seen in nature to inspire the design of solutions to engineering problems biomedical imaging.
Definition Biomaterial:
Dictionary or construct that interacts with biological systems. Biomaterials can be derived from nature or synthesized in the laboratory using metallic components, polymers , ceramics, or composite materials biomedical imaging.
Definition Bioinformatics:
Dictionary biology that is concerned with the acquisition, storage, display and analysis of biological information. Analysis of biological information includes statistical and computational methods to model biomedical imaging.
Definition Brain-Computer Interface:
Dictionary the brain’s electrical signals to allow individuals with limited mobility to learn to use their thoughts to move a computer cursor or other devices like a robotic arm or a wheelchair biomedical imaging.
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Meaning of Imaging Biomedical define:

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