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  • What is Shareholder Definition of An individual or entity that owns shares of capital stock.
  • What is Plan Keogh Definition of Keogh plan was a retirement plan set up for a self-employed taxpayer. The rules that applied to self-employed taxpayers differed from those that applied to common-law employees.
  • What is Right Of Claim Definition of able to deduct or, in some cases, claim a credit for amounts the taxpayer is required to repay that the taxpayer included in income in a prior year or years under a claim of right.
  • What is Audit Definition of and verification of a taxpayer's return or other transactions with tax consequences. An office audit is an audit by the IRS that is conducted in the agent's office. A.
  • OPERATOR: Definition of One who holds the working or operating rights in a gas or oil activity and is obligated for the costs of development and production.
  • LEGALLY SEPARATED: Definition of Separated under a decree of separate maintenance that requires the spouses to live apart.
  • COMMUTING: Definition of Traveling from one's residence to one's regular place of business and back to the residence.

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  • Explain Default Definition The initial or standard value of a variable or system parameter.
  • Explain Buffers Ahead Look Definition memory buffers used by DOS to read successively positioned disk sectors before those sectors are actually referenced by a program or command, thereby improving performance. They.
  • Explain Printer Matrix Dot Definition A printer that prints tiny dots by means of pins on a movable print head. The arrangement of the dots are visible to the reader as characters on the page.
  • Explain Help Definition textual information. Help is displayed whenever the F1 key is pressed from within the DOS shell, in which case the help text is context-sensitive, that is, relating directly to.
  • WRAPPING AROUND: Definition pressing the down arrow key at the end of a list to move the selection cursor to the top of the list, as if the two ends of the list were attached to each other. With text editing.
  • ECHOING: Definition Displaying on your video monitor the keystrokes you type in.
  • CONTIGUITY: Definition The physical adjacency on a disk of the disk sectors used by a file.

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