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  • What is Margin Definition A percentage of the full price of a security that must be paid as a down payment by an investor buying on credit. The required margin fluctuates subject to federal regulations compare.
  • JOINT TENANCY: Explain ownership under which two or more individuals own property. Each tenant has an undivided interest in the entire property. On the death of one of the owners, the survivors become why.
  • What is Operator What is One who holds the working or operating rights in a gas or oil activity and is obligated for the costs of development and production how better.
  • PRINCIPAL PAYMENTS: Meaning The portion of a loan payment that reduces the outstanding balance of the loan when.
  • What is Return of Capital Distribution Abbreviation capital distribution is a distribution that is not from the corporation's earnings and profits. The distribution is not taxable, but reduces the basis of the stock determines.
  • TRUST: How to created by a trust agreement. This entity distributes all or part of its income to beneficiaries as instructed by the trust agreement. This entity is required to pay taxes on comparing to.
  • What is Doctrine Equivalent Cash Help basis taxpayer does not report income until cash is constructively or actually received. Under the cash equivalent doctrine, cash-basis taxpayers are required to report income if depends on.
  • EXPENSES OF SALE: Crossword seller, these expenses reduce the sale price of property. Examples are commissions to a broker or real estate agent, title search, title insurance, legal fees, and transfer taxes which.
  • What is Separately Filing Married Examples A filing status that can be used by married taxpayers who choose to record their respective incomes, deductions, and credits on separate individual tax returns difference.
  • DISABILITY PENSION: Encyclopedia is a taxable pension from an employer-funded disability plan received by a taxpayer who retired on disability and has not reached normal retirement age. Disability pensions when.
  • What is Interest Prepaid Information about advance is deductible only as it accrues. The one exception to this rule is for certain points paid by a cash-basis taxpayer to obtain financing for a loan used to purchase pros and cons.
  • CONVERTIBLE: Tutorial A bond or preferred stock that may, under specified conditions, be exchanged for common stock or another security, usually of the same corporation similarities.
  • What is Charges Finance Error Amounts paid for the privilege of making purchases on a deferred-payment basis how much.
  • GOVERNMENT BONDS ISSUED AT A DISCOUNT: Answer Government bonds (Series E and EE) are issued at a discount and do not pay interest during the life of the bond. Instead, the bonds are redeemable at increasing fixed amounts how many.

Computer science terms

Computer definitions and related to Internet terms. Define how computers work. Terms and definition for computer beginners.

  • Explain Command External Definition A command whose procedures are read from the disk into memory, executed from memory, and then erased from memory when finished compare.
  • DOUBLE-DENSITY DISKETTE: Explain which magnetic storage material is arranged twice as densely as was true on the generally no-longer-available first DOS diskettes. Double-density is used most commonly to refer to why.
  • Explain K What is Abbreviation for kilobyte how better.
  • MACRO: Meaning A set of memory-resident commands that can be named and executed as a group, similar to the disk-resident mechanism known as batch files when.
  • Explain File Batch Abbreviation An ASCH file containing a sequence of DOS commands that will execute the commands when you invoke it determines.
  • COPY PROTECTION: How to Special mechanisms contained in diskettes to inhibit the copying of them by conventional commands comparing to.
  • Explain Rom Help Memory. The section of memory that you can only read from. This contains a small portion of the basic computer operating system, as well as certain hardware-support routines depends on.
  • PIPING: Crossword Redirecting the input or output of one program or command to another program or command by using the |character which.
  • Explain Head Examples A disk-drive mechanism that reads data from and writes data to the disk difference.
  • DISK OPTIMIZER: Encyclopedia A program that rearranges the location of files stored on a disk in order to make the data in those files quickly retrievable when.
  • Explain Lockup Information about Term used for the condition when the computer will not accept any input and may have stopped processing. It must be warm or cold booted to resume operating pros and cons.
  • BIT: Tutorial A binary digit, either 0 or 1 similarities.
  • Explain Concatenation Error The placing of files or strings together in a series how much.
  • RESERVED NAMES: Answer Specific words, in a programming language or operating system, which should not be used in any other application context how many.
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