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  • What is Loss Hobby Definition of A nondeductible loss arising from a personal hobby as contrasted with a loss arising from an activity engaged in for profit.
  • What is Rules Risk At Definition of limiting the taxpayer's deductible business, partnership, S corporation, or real estate loss to cash invested plus debt he or she is legally obligated to pay and the adjusted.
  • What is Pension Definition of periodically of (generally) a definite amount for a specified period (usually life) from an employer-funded plan to workers who have met the stated requirements. Its primary.
  • What is Property Listed Definition of includes passenger autos and other property used for transportation, property generally used for purposes of entertainment, recreation, or amusement, computers not used.
  • MARRIED FILING JOINTLY: Definition of that can be used by taxpayers who are married at the end of the tax year and not legally separated under a final decree of divorce or separate maintenance. The income, deductions.
  • KEOGH PLAN: Definition of Keogh plan was a retirement plan set up for a self-employed taxpayer. The rules that applied to self-employed taxpayers differed from those that applied to common-law employees.
  • FOSTER CHILD: Definition of child placed with the taxpayer by an authorized placement agency or by judgement, decree, or order of any of competent jurisdiction. Such a child is referred to as an ".

Computer science terms

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  • Explain Interface Definition The boundary between two things, such as the computer and a peripheral.
  • Explain Memory Definition The circuitry in a computer that stores information. See also RAM, ROM.
  • Explain Program Spreadsheet Definition An electronic version of an accountant's spreadsheet; when one value changes, all other values based on that value are updated instantly.
  • Explain Parameter Definition Additional information, specified with a command, that determines how the command executes.
  • LOG FILE: Definition A separate file, created with the BACKUP command, that keeps track of the names of all files written to the backup diskette(s.
  • ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE: Definition A symbolic form of computer language used to program computers at a fundamental level.
  • READ-AFTER-WRITE VERIFICATION: Definition of validity checking, invoked with the VERIFY command or the /V switch in conjunction with COPY, DISKCOPY, or XCOPY. It rereads data after writing it to disk, comparing the.

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