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  • What is Realized Amount Definition of by a taxpayer on the sale or exchange of property. The amount received is the sum of the cash and the fair market value of any property or services plus any of the seller's.
  • What is Stock Of Basis Definition of amount paid for the stock. If the stock is received as a gift, basis is generally the basis of the previous owner or the fair market value when received. The basis of inherited.
  • What is Distributions Gain Capital Definition of mutual funds, regulated investment companies, and real estate investment trusts that represent the shareholder's portion of gain from the sale of capital assets owned by.
  • What is Right Definition of corporation gives a shareholder to buy additional shares at a special price for a limited time. Shareholders who don't use their rights can sell them to other investors.
  • ACTUAL EXPENSES (REGULAR METHOD): Definition of The method of deducting automobile expenses based on actual costs incurred.
  • SEVERANCE DAMAGES: Definition of Payment received because part of a property is condemned and the value of the retained part is thereby decreased.
  • STRADDLE: Definition of set of offsetting positions on personal property. One example, is a put and call option on the same number of shares of a particular security, with the same exercise price and.

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  • Explain Diskette Density Double Definition which magnetic storage material is arranged twice as densely as was true on the generally no-longer-available first DOS diskettes. Double-density is used most commonly to refer to.
  • Explain Mb Definition Abbreviation for megabyte.
  • Explain Cluster Definition contiguous sectors on a disk. Each sector usually comprises 512 bytes. Also known as an allocation unit, this is the smallest unit of disk storage that DOS can manipulate.
  • Explain Help Online Definition See help.
  • ALLOCATION UNIT: Definition See cluster.
  • REM STATEMENT: Definition in a QuickBASIC program, a CONFIG.SYS file, or a batch file, which contains remarks or comments for program explanation or clarification. REM statements are not executed.
  • ANSI DRIVER: Definition A device driver, contained in the ANSI.SYS file, that loads additional support for advanced console features.

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