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Tax dictionary

  • What is Payments Principal Definition of The portion of a loan payment that reduces the outstanding balance of the loan.
  • What is Wages Security Social Definition of Total wages paid to an employee that are subject to this tax. This amount does not include tips. Wages are also subject to Medicare tax.
  • What is Accrual Method of Accounting Definition of common methods of accounting, the other being the cash method. Under the accrual method of accounting, income is reported in the tax year earned, whether or not received, and.
  • What is Extension Definition of allows additional time to perform an act required by the tax law or by regulation. The term is used most often when referring to an extension to file the tax return, but it also.
  • DEALER: Definition of that regularly buys and sells property. A person is classified as a dealer if at the time of the sale, that person held the property primarily for sale to customers in the.
  • ORDINARY INCOME OR LOSS: Definition of Income or loss that is not capital gain or loss.
  • GENERAL STRAIGHT-LINE DEPRECIATION SYSTEM: Definition of A MACRS system of depreciation using the straight-line method over the normal MACRS recovery period for the asset.

Computer science terms

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  • Explain Octal Definition A numbering system in base 8.
  • Explain Configuration Definition An initial set of system values, such as the number of buffers DOS will use, the number of simultaneously open files it will allow, and the specific devices that will be supported.
  • Explain Diskette Definition A flexible, oxide-coated disk used to store data. It is also called a floppy diskette.
  • Explain program startup command (PSC) Definition Any DOS command (except GOTO) that is included in the Commands field of DOS's Add or Change Program dialog boxes. It may also include an option string enclosed in brackets.
  • HOUSEKEEPING: Definition Making sure the directory stays intact and well organized, and that unnecessary files are deleted.
  • DECIMAL: Definition A numbering system based on ten digits.
  • GRAPHICS MODE: Definition which all screen pixels on a monitor are addressable and can be used to generate detailed images. Contrasts with text mode, which allows a fixed number of rows and columns of.
  • Virtual Office Wrocław - Our virtual office replaces your necessity of having to receive letters at the post office in person.

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