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Tax dictionary

  • What is Load Definition of A load is a sales charge imposed when mutual fund shares are purchased or redeemed.
  • What is State and Local Income Tax Withheld Definition of The amounts withheld from income and submitted to the state or local tax division as an advance payment of the taxpayer's state or local income tax.
  • What is Final Decree Divorce Definition of A decree issued after a divorce is declared final by the court. This action dissolves the marriage and returns the spouses to unmarried status.
  • What is Recovery Definition of deduction or creditable expense paid in a previous year that is later refunded to the taxpayer. The recovered amount must usually be included in income in the year it is received.
  • LESSEE: Definition of One who rents property from another. In the case of real estate, the lessee is also known as the tenant.
  • LONG-TERM CAPITAL GAINS AND LOSSES: Definition of the sale or exchange of capital assets that have been held for more than 12 months. A net long-term capital gain is the excess of long-term gains over long-term losses, or vice.
  • STOCK DIVIDEND: Definition of of stock distributed to shareholders at no cost. The number of shares received are a percentage of the shares owned. The basis of the original shares is generally apportioned.

Computer science terms

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  • Explain Switch Definition A parameter included in DOS commands, usually preceded by the slash(/) symbol, which clarifies or modifies the action of the command.
  • Explain Range Definition A contiguous series of values (minimum to maximum, first to last, and so on.
  • Explain Application Programming Interface (API) Definition The set of all operating-system service calls.
  • Explain Destination Definition the targeted location for data, files, or other information generated or moved by a DOS command.
  • QBASIC: Definition A complete programming environment (including editor, programming language interpreter, tester, and debugger) for writing business or scientific application programs.
  • CONTROL CODES: Definition ASCII codes that do not display a character but perform a function, such as ringing a bell or deleting a character.
  • BACKGROUND TASK: Definition A second program running on your computer; usually, a printing operation that shares the CPU with your main foreground task.

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