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  • What is Rental Income Definition of Income received by the taxpayer for allowing another person's use of the taxpayer's property. Rental income includes advance
  • What is Recovery Property Definition of Recovery property is a term used to describe property that is eligible to be depreciated under either ACRS or MACRS. See ACRS and MACRS
  • What is Home Office Expenses Definition of Expenses of operating a portion of a residence used for business or employment-related purposes. Several restrictions limit the deduction
  • What is Cash Method of Accounting Definition of One of the two most common methods of accounting, the other of which is the accrual method defined elsewhere in this glossary. Under the

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  • Explain extended memory Definition Additional physical memory that offers general-purpose support beyond the DOS 640K addressing limit for 80286, 80386 and 80486 computers
  • Explain portrait orientation Definition The usual vertical orientation of printer output, with the long side held vertically. The opposite of landscape orientation
  • Explain environment Definition The context within which DOS interfaces with you and with your commands
  • Explain bootstrapping Definition The process of accessing and implementing the instructions found in the boot record