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  • What is Securities Definition of In general, any evidence of an interest in corporate stock or stock rights oran interest in any note, bond, debenture or other evidence of
  • What is Hope Scholarship Credit Definition of A nonrefundable credit of up to $1,500 per qualified student for tuition and fees paid for the first two years of post-secondary education
  • What is Annuity Starting Date Definition of The first day of the first period for which an amount is due as an annuity payment under an annuity contract
  • What is Condemnation Definition of The taking of property by a public authority. The property is condemned as the result of legal action and the owner is compensated by the

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  • Explain double click Definition Pressing a mouse's button twice in rapid succession
  • Explain case sensitivity Definition Distinguishing between capital letters and lowercase letters
  • Explain EDLIN Definition A simple line editor included with DOS
  • Explain reserved memory Definition System memory normally used only for video buffers. DOS can use it with appropriate system configuration for device drivers, memory