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  • What is Property 1231 Section Definition of property includes depreciable assets and real estate used in a trade or business and held for more than one year. Under certain circumstances, it also includes timber, coal.
  • What is Cost Of Recovery Definition of paid for income received--usually a factor only in income from sales of items purchased for resale, income from sales of property, and income from pensions or annuities. The.
  • What is Child and Dependent Care Credit Definition of 35 percent of employment-related child and dependent care expenses for up to $6,000 of expenses is available to individuals who are employed and maintain a household for a.
  • What is Negligence Definition of reasonable care and caution as would be expected of a prudent person. A penalty may be assessed if any part of an underpayment of tax is due to negligent or intentional disregard.
  • SHORT SALE: Definition of seller borrows the stock certificates or other property delivered to the buyer. At a later date, the seller either purchases similar stock or property necessary to "cover.
  • PERSONAL EXPENSES: Definition of individual other than those for business or investment purposes. Personal expenses are not deductible unless specifically allowed under the tax law. Two examples of deductible.
  • DISTRIBUTIONS BY CORPORATIONS: Definition of this term refers to any amounts paid by a corporation to its shareholders, or any property distributed, other than for value received in goods or services. Distributions from.

Computer science terms

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  • Explain Bootstrapping Definition The process of accessing and implementing the instructions found in the boot record.
  • Explain Passing Parameter Definition Using variable parameters (%0 to %9) to pass startup information to a program or batch file.
  • Explain Delimiter Definition A special character, such as a comma or space, used to separate values or data entries.
  • Explain Echoing Definition Displaying on your video monitor the keystrokes you type in.
  • CONCATENATION: Definition The placing of files or strings together in a series.
  • LOGICAL TESTING: Definition See decision making.
  • EXTENSION: Definition The one to three characters after the period following the base name in a file specification.

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