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  • What is 1250 Section Definition of is sold, gain must be recaptured as ordinary income to the extent of the depreciation claimed in excess of straight line. Section 1250 is the section of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • What is Hybrid Method of Accounting Definition of A combination of accounting methods, usually of the cash and accrual methods.
  • What is Bond Definition of corporation or governmental unit to repay, on a specified date, money loaned to it by the bondholder. The holder receives interest for the life of the bond. If a bond is backed by.
  • What is Lessor Definition of One who rents property to another. In the case of real estate, the lessor is also known as the landlord.
  • MEDICARE TIPS: Definition of Tips reported to an employer by a tipped employee. Such tips are subject to Medicare withholding.
  • ORDINARY INCOME OR LOSS: Definition of Income or loss that is not capital gain or loss.
  • TAX RATE SCHEDULES: Definition of are used by certain taxpayers to compute their tax. Separate rate schedules are provided for married individuals filing jointly or qualifying widow(er)s, unmarried heads of.

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  • Explain Attribute Definition A characteristic of a disk file. See archive attribute, hidden attribute, read/write attribute, system attribute.
  • Explain Z Ctrl Definition The end-of-file marker. Appears on screen as ^Z.
  • Explain File Help Definition A file of textual information containing helpful explanations of commands, modes, and other on-screen tutorial information. See also help.
  • Explain Mode Enhanced 386 Definition operating modes for running Windows 3, the others being real mode and standard mode. 386 enhanced mode requires an 80386 or 80486 machine with at least 2Mb of memory. This mode.
  • RESERVED MEMORY: Definition normally used only for video buffers. DOS can use it with appropriate system configuration for device drivers, memory-resident programs (TSRs), and ordinary application programs.
  • PROGRAM STARTUP COMMAND (PSC): Definition Any DOS command (except GOTO) that is included in the Commands field of DOS's Add or Change Program dialog boxes. It may also include an option string enclosed in brackets.
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION MODE: Definition video monitor in which all available pixels are used to provide the most detailed screen image possible. On a color monitor, this mode reduces the possible range of colors that.
  • Virtual Office Wrocław - Our virtual office replaces your necessity of having to receive letters at the post office in person.

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