What is capitalize meaning definition
Define Capitalize facts. Notion of improvements to property as a capital improvement or expenditure.


Capitalize Definition

What CAPITALIZE means: To treat the cost of additions and improvements to property as a capital improvement or expenditure.

Definition Charitable Contributions:
Dictionary Money or property donated to a qualified charitable organization. Such donations are deductible, subject to income limits, on Schedule A as itemized deductions capitalize.
Definition Capital Improvement:
Dictionary to extend the useful life of a property or add to its value. Major repairs such as the replacement of a roof are capital improvements. The costs of capital improvements to business property must be capitalize.
Definition Change In Accounting Method:
Dictionary A change from one accounting method to another, which usually requires prior approval from the IRS. A change generally requires adjustments to avoid omissions or duplications capitalize.
Definition Casualty:
Dictionary The complete or partial destruction of property resulting from an identifiable event of a sudden, unexpected, or unusual nature capitalize.

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