What is booting warm definition
How to use warm booting - definition: Ctrl- Alt-Del key combination. See bootstrapping. Describe.


WARM BOOTING definition

What is WARM BOOTING: Resetting the computer without turning it off, by using the Ctrl- Alt-Del key combination. See bootstrapping.

Definition Write-Protecting:
Dictionary Giving a disk read-only status by covering the write-protect notch (on a 5 1/4" diskette) or by sliding the write-protect switch (on a 3 1/2" diskette) to a see-through position warm booting definition.
Definition Warning Box:
Dictionary A rectangular window that warns you of an input error (such as an incorrect password) or a potentially dangerous consequence of a requested operation warm booting explain.
Definition Word Processor:
Dictionary A computerized typewriter. It allows the correction and reformatting of documents before they are printed warm booting what is.
Definition Wide Directory Listing:
Dictionary An alternate output format that lists multiple columns of file names. Obtained by using the /W switch with the DIR command warm booting meaning.

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