What is feed line definition
How to use line feed - definition: the printer moves the paper down to the next line. Describe Feed.


Line Feed definition

What is LINE FEED: When the cursor on a screen moves to the next line, or when the printer moves the paper down to the next line.

Definition Lockup:
Dictionary Term used for the condition when the computer will not accept any input and may have stopped processing. It must be warm or cold booted to resume operating line feed.
Definition LCD:
Dictionary Liquid Crystal Display. A method of producing an image using electrically sensitive crystals suspended in a liquid medium line feed.
Definition Look-Ahead Buffers:
Dictionary buffers used by DOS to read successively positioned disk sectors before those sectors are actually referenced by a program or command, thereby improving performance. They are created by the BUFFERS line feed.
Definition Log File:
Dictionary A separate file, created with the BACKUP command, that keeps track of the names of all files written to the backup diskette(s line feed.

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