What is pension dability meaning definition
Define Disability Pension facts. Notion of pension from an employer-funded disability plan received.


Disability Pension Definition

What DISABILITY PENSION means: A disablity pension is a taxable pension from an employer-funded disability plan received by a taxpayer who retired on disability and has not reached normal retirement age. Disability pensions generally are treated as wages until the taxpayer reaches normal retirement age.

Definition Distributions By Corporations:
Dictionary this term refers to any amounts paid by a corporation to its shareholders, or any property distributed, other than for value received in goods or services. Distributions from corporate earnings and disability pension.
Definition Defined Contribution Plan:
Dictionary contribution plan is an employer-provided retirement plan under which a separate account is provided for each plan participant. Benefits depend on the amount contributed to the plan and the amoount disability pension.
Definition Deferred Compensation:
Dictionary will be taxed when received or upon the removal of certain restrictions on receipt and not when earned. For example, contributions by an employer to a qualified pension or profit-sharing plan on disability pension.
Definition Depreciable Asset:
Dictionary Tangible personal property or real property used in business or held for the production of income with a determinable useful life of more than one year disability pension.

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