What is task foreground definition
How to use foreground task - definition: the less visible background task (usually a printing job.



What is FOREGROUND TASK: The main program running on your computer, as opposed to the less visible background task (usually a printing job). Also, the currently switched-to task, when you have activated the Task Swapper.

Definition File:
Dictionary A collection of bytes, representing a program or data, organized into records and stored as a named group on a disk foreground task definition.
Definition Fragmentation:
Dictionary A condition in which many different files have been stored in noncontiguous sectors on a disk foreground task explain.
Definition File Name:
Dictionary The name of a file on the disk. File name usually refers to the base name, but it can include the extension as well foreground task what is.
Definition Fixed Disk:
Dictionary IBM's name for a hard disk foreground task meaning.

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