What is memory extended definition
How to use extended memory - definition: support beyond the DOS 640K addressing limit for 80286.


Extended Memory definition

What is EXTENDED MEMORY: Additional physical memory that offers general-purpose support beyond the DOS 640K addressing limit for 80286, 80386 and 80486 computers. Extended memory is accessed contiguously above IMb, which makes it faster than expanded memory, which swaps portions of memory in and out of reserved memory.

Definition EDIT:
Dictionary The full-screen DOS tex: editor extended memory.
Definition Error Level:
Dictionary A code, set by programs as they conclude processing, that tells DOS whether an error occurred, and if so, the severity of that error extended memory.
Definition EDLIN:
Dictionary A simple line editor included with DOS extended memory.
Definition External Buffer:
Dictionary A device, connected to the computer and another device, that acts as a buffer extended memory.

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