What is read after write verification definition
How to use read-after-write verification - definition: VERIFY command or the /V switch in.


Read-After-Write Verification definition

What is READ-AFTER-WRITE VERIFICATION: An extra level of validity checking, invoked with the VERIFY command or the /V switch in conjunction with COPY, DISKCOPY, or XCOPY. It rereads data after writing it to disk, comparing the written data to the original information.

Definition Reserved Memory:
Dictionary normally used only for video buffers. DOS can use it with appropriate system configuration for device drivers, memory-resident programs (TSRs), and ordinary application programs. Reserved memory is read-after-write verification.
Definition Resident Command:
Dictionary A command located in random-access memory read-after-write verification.
Definition REM Statement:
Dictionary A line of text in a QuickBASIC program, a CONFIG.SYS file, or a batch file, which contains remarks or comments for program explanation or clarification. REM statements are not executed read-after-write verification.
Definition Resource Allocation:
Dictionary Making system facilities available to individual users or programs read-after-write verification.

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