What is tree directory definition
How to use directory tree - definition: several subdirectories, each of the subdirectories has.


Directory Tree definition

What is DIRECTORY TREE: The treelike structure created when a root directory has several subdirectories, each of the subdirectories has subdirectories, and so on.

Definition Digitizer:
Dictionary A device with a movable arm that can take an image and break it up into small parts, which the computer translates into bits directory tree.
Definition Dialog Box:
Dictionary A rectangular window that prompts you to enter data directory tree.
Definition Drive Identifier:
Dictionary A single letter assigned to represent a drive, such as drive A or drive B. It usually requires a colon after it, such as A directory tree.
Definition Deferred Execution:
Dictionary In a program or batch file, the delaying of execution until a value for some parameter is finally entered or computed directory tree.

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