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How to use bit mapping - definition: The image that makes up a graphic on a computer screen is.


BIT MAPPING definition

What is BIT MAPPING: The way a graphics screen is represented in the computer. The image that makes up a graphic on a computer screen is composed of individual pixels that correspond to one or more bits in memory.

Definition Branching:
Dictionary The transfer of control or execution to a statement in another program or batch file. See also decision making bit mapping definition.
Definition Buffer:
Dictionary An area in memory set aside to speed up the transfer of data, allowing blocks of data to be transferred at once bit mapping explain.
Definition Byte:
Dictionary The main unit of memory in a computer. A byte is an eight-bit binary- digit number. A byte can represent a number from 0 to 255, thus it can signify 256 different characters bit mapping what is.
Definition Boot Record:
Dictionary The section on a disk that contains the minimum information DOS needs to start the system bit mapping meaning.

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