What is devices implantable definition
Definition of Implantable Devices: meaning the body to replace or augment biological functions.


Implantable Devices definition

What IMPLANTABLE DEVICES means: Man-made medical devices implanted in the body to replace or augment biological functions. Such devices range from those that provide structural support, such as a hip replacement to those that contain electronics, such as pacemakers. Some implants are bioactive such as a drug-eluting stent used to open a blocked artery.

Definition Immunofluorescence:
Dictionary staining technique in which the fluorescent signaling molecule is bound to an antibody to a protein of interest. When the “fluorescently tagged” antibody binds to its target protein the site or implantable devices.
Definition Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (IPSC):
Dictionary A stem cell that is formed by the introduction of stem-cell inducing factors into a differentiated cell of the body, typically a skin cell implantable devices.
Definition Image-Guided Robotic Interventions:
Dictionary primarily minimally invasive surgery, performed through a small incision or natural orifice using robotic tools operated remotely by a surgeon with visualization by devices such as cameras small implantable devices.
Definition Ionizing Radiation:
Dictionary electromagnetic radiation that can strip electrons from an atom or molecule – a process called ionization. Ionizing radiation has a relatively short wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum implantable devices.
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Meaning of Devices Implantable define:

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