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Define Traditional IRA facts. Notion of s SIMPLE IRA or Roth IRA. The term is most commonly used.


Traditional IRA Definition

What TRADITIONAL IRA means: A traditional IRA is an IRA that is not s SIMPLE IRA or Roth IRA. The term is most commonly used when referring to an IRA to which an individual makes annual contributions that may or may not be deductible depending on the individual's income and whether the individual actively participates in an employer's retirement plan. See our IRA Contribution rate table for limits that apply.

Definition Tax Bracket:
Dictionary The rate at which income at a particular level is taxed traditional ira.
Definition Transfer Tax:
Dictionary A tax imposed when real estate is sold or transferred from one person to another traditional ira.
Definition Tax-Exempt Income:
Dictionary Income that by law is not subject to income tax traditional ira.
Definition Trust:
Dictionary created by a trust agreement. This entity distributes all or part of its income to beneficiaries as instructed by the trust agreement. This entity is required to pay taxes on undistributed income traditional ira.

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