What is depletion meaning definition
Define Depletion facts. Notion of basis of a natural resource (for example, an oil and gas interest.


Depletion Definition

What DEPLETION means: The process by which the cost or other basis of a natural resource (for example, an oil and gas interest) is recovered upon extraction and sale of the resource. The two ways to determine the depletion allowance are the cost and percentage methods, both of which are defined elsewhere in this glossary.

Definition Deferred Gain:
Dictionary The part of realized gain on an exchange of property that is not currently taxed. The gain generally is taxed at the time the property acquired in the exchqnge is sold depletion.
Definition Dependent Exemption:
Dictionary An exemption for an individual who qualifies as the taxpayer's dependent. See our Exemption Allowance rate table for the current amount depletion.
Definition Dealer:
Dictionary that regularly buys and sells property. A person is classified as a dealer if at the time of the sale, that person held the property primarily for sale to customers in the ordinary course of business depletion.
Definition Deduction:
Dictionary An amount that may be subtracted from income that is otherwise taxable depletion.

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