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Define Tax Court facts. Notion of trial courts of original jurisdiction that decide litigation.


Tax Court Definition

What TAX COURT means: The U.S. Tax Court is one of three trial courts of original jurisdiction that decide litigation involving federal income, death, and gift taxes.

Definition Tax Home:
Dictionary The business location, post, or station of the taxpayer tax court.
Definition Taxable U.S. Domestic Corporation:
Dictionary An organization incorporated in and doing business with the intent to make a profit in the United States. Examples are H&R Block, General Motors, and IBM tax court.
Definition Tax-Exempt Income:
Dictionary Income that by law is not subject to income tax tax court.
Definition Tax Liability:
Dictionary The amount of total tax due the IRS after any credits and before taking into account any advance payments (withholding, estimated payments, etc.) made by the taxpayer tax court.

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