What is depreciation line straight definition
Define Straight-Line Depreciation facts. Notion of under which the depreciation deduction is the.


Straight-Line Depreciation Definition

What STRAIGHT-LINE DEPRECIATION means: A method of computing depreciation under which the depreciation deduction is the same for each full year.

Definition Section (Followed By A Number):
Dictionary The section of the tax Code in which particular laws are given straight-line depreciation.
Definition State And Local Income Tax Withheld:
Dictionary The amounts withheld from income and submitted to the state or local tax division as an advance payment of the taxpayer's state or local income tax straight-line depreciation.
Definition Section 1231 Gain Or Loss:
Dictionary A net section 1231 gain is treated as long-term capital gain and a net section 1231 loss is treated as an ordinary (fully deductible) loss straight-line depreciation.
Definition Separate Maintenance Payments:
Dictionary Amounts paid to one spouse by the other spouse under a court order or agreement while they live apart straight-line depreciation.

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