What is section followed number definition
Define Section (followed by a number) facts. Notion of The section of the tax Code in which.


Section (followed by a number) Definition

What SECTION (FOLLOWED BY A NUMBER) means: The section of the tax Code in which particular laws are given.

Definition Short-Term Gain Or Loss:
Dictionary Gain or loss on the sale or exchange of a capital asset held one year or less section (followed by a number).
Definition Standard Mileage Rate:
Dictionary chooses not to deduct actual vehicle expenses for business use, for medical or charitable use, or for moving expenses may deduct a fixed rate for each mile of qualified use. See our Standard Mileage section (followed by a number).
Definition Statutory Employee:
Dictionary treated as an employee for social security and Medicare tax purposes and as self-employed for income tax purposes. The "Statutory employee" box on such a worker's Form W-2 should be section (followed by a number).
Definition Shareholder:
Dictionary An individual or entity that owns shares of capital stock section (followed by a number).

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