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Define Multiple Support Agreement facts. Notion of otherwise be entitled to an exemption for a.


Multiple Support Agreement Definition

What MULTIPLE SUPPORT AGREEMENT means: If two or more persons who would otherwise be entitled to an exemption for a dependent other than a qualifying child, together furnish more than half the dependent's support (but no one individual provides more than half), any one of them who furnishes more than 10% of the support is entitled to the exemption if all the others who furnished more than 10% of the support file written declarations that they will not claim an exemption for the individual for that taxable year. Form 2120 is used for this purpose.

Definition Marriage:
Dictionary A legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife multiple support agreement.
Definition Married Filing Separately:
Dictionary A filing status that can be used by married taxpayers who choose to record their respective incomes, deductions, and credits on separate individual tax returns multiple support agreement.
Definition Moving Expenses:
Dictionary income permitted to employees and self-employed individuals who move for work-related reasons, providing certain requirements are met. Form 3903 is used to compute deductible moving expenses multiple support agreement.
Definition Material Participation:
Dictionary limits on the deductibility of passive income. Passive income does not include an activity in which an individual is a material participant. A material participant is an individual who participates multiple support agreement.

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