What is separated legally meaning definition
Define Legally Separated facts. Notion of Separated under a decree of separate maintenance that.


Legally Separated Definition

What LEGALLY SEPARATED means: Separated under a decree of separate maintenance that requires the spouses to live apart.

Definition Liquidation Distributions:
Dictionary received because of a partial or complete liquidation (going out of business) of a corporation. The basis of the stock on which liquidation distributions are paid is reduced by the amount of the legally separated.
Definition Lessor:
Dictionary One who rents property to another. In the case of real estate, the lessor is also known as the landlord legally separated.
Definition Load:
Dictionary A load is a sales charge imposed when mutual fund shares are purchased or redeemed legally separated.
Definition Last In, First Out (LIFO):
Dictionary method for valuing inventories for tax purposes. Under this method, the last items purchased are treated as being the first items sold. Ending inventory is valued using the cost of the items with the legally separated.

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