What is resident memory definition
How to use memory-resident - definition: Located in physical memory, as opposed to being stored in.


Memory-Resident definition

What is MEMORY-RESIDENT: Located in physical memory, as opposed to being stored in a disk file.

Definition Machine Language:
Dictionary The most fundamental way to program a computer, using instructions made up entirely of strings of 0's and 1's memory-resident.
Definition Mouse Pointer:
Dictionary The screen symbol representing the symbolic location of the mouse. When in graphic mode, the mouse pointer is an arrow. When in text mode, it appears as a solid movable rectangle memory-resident.
Definition Menu:
Dictionary A set of choices displayed in tabular format memory-resident.
Definition Macro:
Dictionary A set of memory-resident commands that can be named and executed as a group, similar to the disk-resident mechanism known as batch files memory-resident.

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