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Real name: Anna-Catherine Hartley. Biography of Uffie & facts: Anna-Catherine Hartley was born in.


Anna-Catherine Hartley aka biography

Surname: Uffie
Uffie birth name: Anna-Catherine Hartley
Uffie birthday: 1987-12-09
Nickname: Uffie
Uffie home town: Miami, Florida.
Uffie assets:
Uffie vices: Cigarettes,parties
Uffie height: 176 cm
Uffie job: Vocalist, Lyricist.
Uffie hobbiesMusic.
Uffie ethnicity
Uffie breast size30
Uffie waist size25
Uffie hips size33
Uffie mottoA hot chick in charge
Real biography: Anna-Catherine Hartley was born in Miami, but moved to Hong Kong when she was four due to her father's work. The family once intended to spend a year sailing but a typhoon struck and the family had to abandon ship in the Philippines.[1] Hartley later lived in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but at age 15 relocated to Paris with her father; greatly preferring the lifestyle, she has lived there since.


Uffie had booked DJ Feadz for a party she was organizing, and the two began a relationship. After nearly two years as a couple they decided to make music together as well. In late 2005, Uffie's MySpace page began releasing her music to the public.

Her first single, "Pop the Glock", after getting a limited promo release on Arcade Mode in January 2006, was released on French label Ed Banger Records. Both the single (produced by Feadz) and its B-side "Ready to Uff" (produced by labelmate Mr. Oizo) contained elements of electro and rap. Her music has been described as being "often performed in a wannabe English accent" which "have a deliberately staid anti-flow delivery that walks a fine line between electro and nu-skool rap."[2] The release also featured a remix by SebastiAn.

Two more new tracks from Uffie, "Hot Chick" and "In Charge" were first proliferated through audioblogs in July 2006 before appearing on her MySpace page. They were later officially released on Ed Banger Records. In February 2007, the song "Dismissed" was included on Ed Rec Vol. 2, an Ed Banger Records label compilation, and on June 19, the single "First Love" (produced by Mr. Oizo) was released on Uffie's MySpace, with the B-side "Brand New Car" attached to the end. Uffie also collaborated with labelmates Justice for their 2007 debut, †, on a song entitled "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy".

Label head Pedro "Busy P" Winter announced that Uffie's debut album will be released in mid-to-late 2007, however, the album has since been estimated for a late February 2008 release. The self titled album will feature all her previously released singles, guest appearance songs and an unknown amount of new songs, which include "Hen Fap (It's Something That You've Need To Have)" and "Regulate".

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