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Real name: Terri Seymour. Biography of Terri Seymour & facts: IntroductionIt takes a special woman.


Terri Seymour aka Terri biography

Terri Seymour birth name:Terri Seymour
Terri Seymour birthday1974-12-17
Terri Seymour home townHetfordshire, England.
Terri Seymour assetsLong legs, Tan skin.
Terri Seymour vicesDates Simon Cowell
Terri Seymour height166 cm
Terri Seymour jobTV Host, Actress.
Terri Seymour hobbiesHangin'', backstage, at, American, Idol.
Terri Seymour ethnicity
Terri Seymour breast size34
Terri Seymour waist size24
Terri Seymour hips size34
Terri Seymour mottoI would never try and change Simon. I love him for what he is - believe it or not!
Real biography: Introduction

It takes a special woman to date a guy like Simon Cowell. That woman is Terri Seymour, a British bombshell.

Life Story

Not much is known about the early life of the beautiful Seymour, but she began to model in her teen years and found great success in that. In 2000, at the age of 26, she got the job of co-host on the British version of Wheel of Fortune. The British version of Wheel is much better than the American version, considering the lack of Pat Sajack. In 2002 Seymour had a bit part in the film 24 Hour Party People. That same year, Seymour started dating the meanest Brit this side of pond: Simon Cowell.

Seymour has recently been doing correspondent on Extra in the US, along side Mark McGrath. Sugar Ray, meanwhile is wishing it was 1998 again. She also guest hosts several shows in England. In 2006, Seymour played herself in the smash hit Material Girls. Also in 2006, it was reported that Simon Cowell cheated on her, but she didn't break up with him. With Cowell obviously pulling some strings, Seymour works as the American Idol correspondent on FOX 11 in Los Angeles.

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